Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plans (A2) Bundle

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Here is the list of all lesson plans in the A2 bundle:

1. Gerund – Educationd and Studying
Target Grammar: Gerund (Formation and Usage)
Target Vocabulary: education and studying
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)

2. Present Continuous For Future – Money and Shopping (For Clothes)
Target Grammar: Present Continuous For Future (in this lesson we focus on the usage for FUTURE)
Target Vocabulary: Money and Clothes
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)
3. Present Perfect Tense – My Family
Target Grammar: Present Perfect
Target Vocabulary: Family (Grandparents as well)
Pages: 10
 audio file included  (more details)
4. Modals Have To – Daily Activities
Target Grammar: have to
Target Vocabulary: Daily activities
Pages: 10
 audio file included  (more details)
5. Modals – Should – Body and Health
Target Grammar: Should (Modals)
Target Vocabulary: Body and health
Pages: 9
 audio file included  (more details)
6. How Question – Natural World
Target Grammar: How questions (How long, How far etc.)
Target Vocabulary: Nature

Pages: 8
 audio file included (more details)

7. Future Tenses (Review)-Special Events/ Invitations
Target Grammar: Future Tenses (This is a review lesson – students must be aware of some future tenses prior)
Target Vocabulary: Invitations and Special Events
Pages: 11
 audio file included (more details)
8. Phrasal Verbs – Work and Daily Activities
Target Grammar: Phrasal Verbs
Target Vocabulary: Work and Daily Activities
Pages: 7
 audio file included (more details)
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