Beginner English Lesson Plans (A1) Bundle

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Here is the list of all lesson plans for beginners:

1. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives – At The Zoo
Target Grammar: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives (Formation and Usage)
Target Vocabulary: animals (specifically animals at the zoo)
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)

2. Giving and Asking for Directions – Buildings
Target Grammar: Giving and asking for directions
Target Vocabulary: Buildings (public)
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)
3. Past Simple of To Be – Describing Things and People
Target Grammar: Past Simple Tense of the Verb To Be
Target Vocabulary: Describing things and People
Pages: 9
 audio file included  (more details)
4. Prepositions of Time – In, At, On – On Vacation
Target Grammar: Prepositions of Time
Target Vocabulary: On Vacation
Pages: 7
 audio file included  (more details)
5. Present Simple Tense – Action Verbs
Target Grammar: Present Simple Tense – Formation and Usage
Target Vocabulary: Action Verbs (sing, love, open, close, work, etc)
Pages: 9
Please note!

This is the only lesson in this list that does not include an audio file. That is why, as an individual product it is priced differently than the rest of the products in the same category. When working with this lesson, the teacher needs to read the text on the Answer Sheet for students to do the fill in the blanks exercise.(more details)

6. There is/ There are – My Home
Target Grammar: There is/ There are
Target Vocabulary: My home (rooms and things/furniture in the home)

Pages: 10
 audio file included (more details)

7. Would like to – Animals and Nature
Target Grammar: Would like to – Formation and Usage
Target Vocabulary: Animals and Nature
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)
8. Would like to – People’s Actions – Work and Travel
Target Grammar: Would like to
Target Vocabulary: Work and Travel
Pages: 9
 audio file included (more details)
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