Beginner English Lesson A1 – There is and There are – My Home

Beginner English Lesson and EFL/ ESL lesson plan - there is there are - my home

This English lesson is for you if:

English learners
  • Your English level is a beginner level (A1).
  • You want to learn English at home.
  • You can learn without the help of a teacher.
ESL/EFL teachers
  • You work with beginner level (A1) English learners.
  • You follow the CEFR standards of teaching.
  • You would like to introduce a different voice and pronunciation to your students.

Audio sample:

The package includes:

  • English Lesson for beginners. (.pdf) – 10 pages
  • Answer Sheet (.pdf)
  • audio file (.mp3) – female voice

About the lesson (plan)

  • Target English Grammar: There is/ There are
  • Target Vocabulary: My Home – rooms and furniture

Presentation: (page 2, and 3)

    • 1. Listen to Michelle’s story and fill in the blanks.

(Listening comprehension exercise. Introducing new grammar, and focus vocabulary.)

    • 2. Mark the sentences T for true, and F for false.

(Questions related to the previous exercise.)

    • 3. Connect the pictures with the rooms and fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

(Vocabulary exercise.)

Grammar Box (pages 4, 5)
    • full grammar explanations with graphics.
    • usage explained and illustrated with suitable examples

Practice: (page 6, 7, 8)

    • 1. Look at the picture. Write the words in the box below. Fill in the blanks using: there is/ there are or is there/ are there.

(Vocabulary/ Grammar exercise)

    • 2. Circle the words from the pictures, and answer the questions. (Short answers.).

(Vocabulary/ Grammar exercise.)

    • 3. What is there in your room? Read in pairs and fill in the blanks. Use: Yes, there is. / Yes, there are./ Is there? / Are there? / No, there isn’t. / No, there aren’t.

(Pair work – asking questions with there is/ there are and describing students’ rooms.)

Production (classroom activities – page 9) – 2 assignments,talking about current/ dream home.

Credits (page 10)