B1 Intermediate English Lesson – Linking Words – Art and Media

Intermediate English Lesson and ESL lesson plan B1 - Linking words, Arts and media



This English lesson is for you if:

English learners
  • Your English level is intermediate (B1).
  • You want to learn English at home.
  • You can learn without the help of a teacher.
ESL/EFL teachers
  • You work with intermediate level (B1) English learners.
  • You follow the CEFR standards of teaching.
  • You would like to introduce a different voice and pronunciation to your students.

Audio sample:


The package includes:

  • English Lesson for intermediate level (B1) (.pdf) – 8 pages
  • Answer Sheet (.pdf)
  • audio file (.mp3) – Native American speaker

About the lesson:

  • English Grammar: Linking Words – Although, as a result, because, etc.
  • Target Vocabulary: Arts and Media
  • Warm-up: talk to a partner. – What do you most often talk about with your friends and family?

    Presentation (pages 2,3):

    • Complete the texts below with words from the box. Do not use all the words.
    • Listen to Geogina and Tina’s talk about their experiences. Fill in the table with the connecting words.
    • Listen to Georgina and Tina again. Mark the statements T for true, and F for false.
    Grammar Box
    • grammar explanations with graphics/ pictures.

    Practice (pages 5,6):

    • Complete the sentences adding the most appropriate linking word from the box. Not all words will be used.
    • Match the beginnings from column A with the endings from column B.
    • Underline the correct linking word in the brackets:

    Production – 2 assignments

    Credits page (page 8)



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