A2 English Lesson – Present Continuous for Future – Money and Shopping (Clothes)

Lower Intermediate English Lesson and ESL lesson plan for ESL teachers - Present Continuous for Future



This English lesson is for you if:

English learners
  • Your English level is lower intermediate (A2).
  • You want to learn English at home.
  • You can learn without the help of a teacher.
ESL/EFL teachers
  • You work with lower intermediate level (A2) English learners.
  • You follow the CEFR standards of teaching.
  • You would like to introduce a different voice and pronunciation to your students.

Audio sample:


The package includes:

  • English Lesson for lower intermediate level (A2) (.pdf) – 9 pages
  • Answer Sheet (.pdf)
  • audio file (.mp3) – female voice, native American speaker

About the lesson:

  • English Grammar: Present Continuous for future.
  • Target Vocabulary: Money and Shopping (Clothes)

Presentation: (pages 2, 3)

  • Listen to Sara’s story and fill in the blanks.
  • Fill in the blanks exercise. Focuses both grammar and vocabulary.

  • Mark the statements T for true, F for false:
  • Tests how well the story above was understood.

  • Write the correct word next to the picture (vocabulary exercise).
Grammar Box (pages 4, 5)
  • full grammar explanations with graphics/ pictures.
  • suitable examples for the level matching the target grammar for the lesson
  • Remeber! section to point out important Grammar exceptions/rules

Practice:(pages 6, 7)

  • Underline the sentences where the Present Continuous is used for future.
  • Focus Grammar exercise (students make the difference between the two usage of Present Continuous)

  • Make negative.
  • Focus Grammar exercise (from positive statements/questions students form negative ones, to practice formation)

  • Put the words in brackets in Present Continuous.
  • Focus Grammar exercise (from verbs in brakets students practice Present Continuous formation remembering to include the verb To Be)

  • Put the words from the box in the correct column.
  • Target vocabulary exercise (Put words under the correct category “Clothes and things” or “Money and shopping”

Production (page 8) – 3 assignments

Credits (page 9)



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