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Affiliate FAQs

Is this program for me?

This affiliate program is for everyone who wishes to join except for users who own websites with explicit/ adult content. Such users are not allowed to participate, and will be excluded from the program.
We welcome all English teachers/ learners (current customers or prospect ones) to join this program, and benefit from it.

Do I have to pay anything to join?

No. It is free to join, and always will be. However, your account must be approved before you can start earning. Please note, as a general rule, affiliate programs should be free to join. No payments in advance must be made on your part to become an affiliate with anyone. If an affiliate program provider asks you to pay a fee for becoming their affiliate, please make sure that the program is not a scam before joining.

I do not have a website. Can I join your program?

There is no need to have a website to join our affiliate program. Of course, having a website/blog, and an established readership is always a plus, but it is not compulsory. As long as you have a Facebook account, or an account with any of the social networks out there, you can always use them to promote our products.

How much will you pay me?

You earn 50% of every sale generated from your affiliate link.

How will I get paid and when?

Payments are issued in the beginning of each month (1-5th). To be eligible for payment, you must have earned the minimum payment amount of $20 during the month before. If you have not, your earnings will be transferred to the following month. Please remember, in order to receive your payment, you must have a working PayPal account.
* PayPal is the safest payment system online, it is free to join, and you only need to have an e-mail account to do it.